NrityaDhol- The concept

Looking at the strength of ghunghroo in Dance and Dhol in music, I came up with the concept of NrityaDhol. NrityaDhol is not a replacement of Dhol but an imagination of Dhol in the form of Ghunghroo. NrityaDhol, by combining movement vocabulary of Ghunghroo and sound vocabulary of dhol, translate rhythmic foot tapping of dance into Dhol music.

NrityaDhol incorporating very simple interface will produce treble sound when right leg is tapped and bass sound when left leg is tapped. This simple one to one relationship makes it more flexible and allow dancer/ musician to focus more on music composition. NrityaDhol ,like Ghunghroo, is a wearable instrument which gives more opportunity to dance and express unlike Dhol instrument. It  gives classical dancers an unique opportunity to combine Dhol music with Mudra (hand gestures), facial gestures of classical dances for narrative dace performances.

The exact sound and movement mapping at this level is very basic. It is not specific to any one form if Indian classical dance. It can be refined after experimenting basic mapping with dancers. To ensure simplicity and feasibility of the concept minimal sound and movement vocabularies are chosen. Current mapping does not include complete foot tapping movement vocabulary of all classical dances but incorporates basic ones.